In January I signed a deal with PublicAffairs (an Hachette imprint) to write a book, on US-backed mass murder in Indonesia, military coups in Latin America, and the ways Washington’s Cold War interventions have shaped life in the entire “developing” world to this day.  The working title is “The Jakarta Method – Extermination and the American Century,” but that will likely change.

It’s an exciting project and so I’m spending most of my year doing this, while also continuing to write some for the Washington Post from Southeast Asia. I’m working with a small team in Asia and Latin America and doing research until the end of 2018. If you have any special insight into this topic, want to talk about it, offer tips, give me research leads, suggest interview subjects, feel free to contact me at

Here’s a short Twitter thread announcing the project, and news of the deal at Publishers Marketplace (subscription only).